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2025 Budget Kick-Off 

Special districts are tasked with some of the most essential and demanding needs of the communities they serve. Development of the annual budget is more than just number crunching; it reflects a strategic plan and should consider the needs and priorities of all stakeholders. A budget for each special district is required to be submitted to the Division of Local Government on an annual basis. The budget must contain revenues, expenditures, and fund balances. A draft budget must be presented to the board of directors by October 15th. A budget hearing is set for public comment thereafter. The budget document must then be adopted by December 15th and submitted to the Division of Local Government by January 31st of the budget year. Special district budgets are available for review at the office of the special district, or at the Division of Local Government's Denver office.

We look forward to assisting your board with the 2025 budget! Please keep an eye out on the district’s website for the Budget Hearing date. It will be posted in the Governance section under 2024 Meeting Notices and also included in the News section.

Brighton Crossings Trash Removal Services 

NEW CONSTRUCTION: The District Management Team will set up your trash collections when notified of your property closing by your Title Company. If you’re moving into a newly constructed home, totes will be delivered by Waste Connections within 1 month of your closing date, trash bags placed at the end of the curb will be picked up in the interim. Trash pickup will be every Friday. Please have your trash container curbside no later than 7:00 a.m. to ensure service. Trash totes must be stored in an enclosed space, excluding pick-up days. Pro-Disposal provides excellent service throughout the community. If you should have any issues with trash service, or in the rare event of a missed trash day, please email us at Recycling is collected bi-weekly. What’s Recyclable and What’s Not? View the link here for more information. What will Waste Connections Pick up? Waste Connections Standard Specification Allowances are as follows:

  • Unlimited Bagged Trash & Recycling waste generated by typical use (all items must be placed in totes).
  • 2 bundles of tree limbs per week and 3 bags of yard waste per week.
  • Containers / bags not to exceed 40 lbs. each - driver safety.
  • Special Item / bulky item pickup, billed directly to the resident.

What “special items” does Pro Disposal pick up?

  • All extra trash that is not bagged will be subject to a pick-up fee.
  • Small Items ($10 per item): mattress, box spring, recliner, table, loveseat, 4 x kitchen chairs.
  • Large Items ($15 per item): stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, water heater.
  • Extra large items ($20 per item): sleeper sofa, couch, swamp cooler.
Venture Center or Other Amenities Questions 

The YMCA of Aurora has been contracted through Brighton Crossings Operations Board to provide programming and operations of the community’s amenities including the Venture Center and Water Park, Fitness Center, and sports fields.

Many answers to your questions can be found on our Amenities page. Please note, you must be a registered user and logged in to view detailed information about programming, reservations and access card information.

Need your questions regarding Brighton Crossings amenities answered immediately?

The Venture Center has staff ready to assist you with all your recreational needs during the hours noted below.

  • May 1st-September 4th Mon - Fri: 9:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M., Sat - Sun: 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
  • September 5th-April 30th Mon-Thurs: 9:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M., Fridays: 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.,
  • Saturdays: 9:00 A. M. -5:00 P.M., Sundays: Closed

Venture Center Address: 5225 Longs Peak St., Brighton, CO 80112

Design Review Approvals & Landscape Guidelines 

All plans MUST be approved prior to the construction and/or installation of any modifications or improvements to the exterior of your house (painting, roofs, additions) and rear or front yards landscaping.

Rear landscaping and alley landscaping (outside of the fence) must be installed within 9 months of the original owners’ closing date on the home. If landscaping is not installed owners may be assessed a continuous violation pursuant to the Policies and Procedures for Covenant and Rule Enforcement.

The Design Review Request form, landscape guidelines, and more information regarding this process is available on the Architectural Review page.

Fences – Maintenance Requirements & New Installations 

Please review the Resident Design Guidelines, under the Architectural Review tab on the website for further fence installation specification and maintenance details. All fences constructed on a lot by the builder, developer, or owner shall be maintained, repaired, and replaced by the owner of such lot.

Operations and Maintenance Fees Questions 

The general operations fee collected by the Operations Board under the HOA Management Agreement is $240.00 per quarter ($80.00 per month) plus $41.70 a quarter ($13.90 per month) for trash fees. Some lots may have an additional alleyway, courtyard, or maintenance fee.

The Fee Schedule, Frequently Asked Questions, and access to your online account can be found on our Payments page.

How do I report covenant violations or maintenance requests? 

Please contact the District Management Team

Brighton Crossings Operations Board (formerly knowns as Brighton Crossings Authority) – Why was it Formed? 

November 2018: Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District No. 4 (“District No. 4”) currently owns, operates and maintains various public improvements, and provides covenant enforcement and design review services on behalf of its residents and taxpayers. Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District Nos. 5-8 have been formed on adjacent property within the Brighton Crossings development, and each has the ability to provide similar services on behalf of their respective residents and taxpayers. In an effort to simplify the overall governance structure within the community, each of the Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District Nos. 4-8 have entered into a Brighton Crossings Authority Establishment Agreement to oversee the operation and maintenance of various public improvements and provide covenant enforcement services on behalf of the entirety of Brighton Crossings. Use of an Authority will allow for a single entity to provide consistent services throughout the Brighton Crossings community, as well as realize certain cost savings which each individual district would be unable to obtain directly.

District No. 4 initially discussed the process for creating the Brighton Crossings Authority at its public Regular Meeting on September 10, 2018. District No. 4 then held a public Special Meeting on October 24, 2018 to discuss the specific mechanics of an Authority Establishment Agreement with the community.

What are the boundaries of the Authority?

  • A map of Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District Nos. 4-8, which would include all property within the Authority, is attached hereto as Exhibit A

What is an Authority?

  • An Authority is a legally separate governmental entity, which has the ability to provide operation and maintenance of various public improvements, in addition to traditional design review and covenant enforcement services.

How is an Authority created?

  • An Authority is created contractually through an agreement entered into between the various governmental entities. In this instance, the Authority has been created through an Authority Establishment Agreement entered into by and between each of the Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District Nos. 4-8.

What does the Authority do?

  • The Authority operates and maintains various public improvements throughout the entirety of Brighton Crossings, such as landscape maintenance and snow removal, and operate and maintain recreational facilities. Additionally, the Authority provides design review and covenant enforcement services.

What is the purpose of the Authority?

  • The Authority allows for consistency in the services provided throughout Brighton Crossings, as well as provide for economies of scale. Creation of Brighton Crossings Authority allows for a single entity to oversee the operation and maintenance of various public improvements throughout Brighton Crossings. The Authority establishes and enforces a uniform set of standards and guidelines for the entire community, minimizing inconsistencies in the services provided. For example, the Authority has the ability to hire a single landscape maintenance contractor for all of Brighton Crossings, as opposed to potentially using five (5) different landscape maintenance contractors in each respective district. Further, allowing a single entity to oversee the operation and maintenance of public improvements throughout the community will result in a lower per-resident price for such services. Use of a single district manager, landscape maintenance contractor, snow removal contractor, etc., allows the Authority to secure the lowest overall prices on behalf of Brighton Crossings. Use of an Authority allows for the development of a consistent and connected community.

Who controls the Authority?

  • The Authority is governed by a five (5) member Board of Directors. Each of the five (5) Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District Nos. 4-8 Boards have the ability to appoint one (1) of its members to the Authority’s Board of Directors. The intent is to provide equal representation on the Authority’s Board to each of the five (5) districts comprising Brighton Crossings.

Does the Authority pay for the construction of public improvements in the newly created Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District Nos. 5-8? 

  • No, the construction of public improvements such as recreational facilities, roads, water lines, sewer lines, parks, etc., will continue to be financed by the individual districts. For example, if Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District No. 7 issues bonds to pay for certain street and water improvements, District No. 4 will not be responsible for paying any portion of those bonds. The Authority is limited to the operation and maintenance of public improvements, and traditional design review and covenant enforcement services, and is not involved in the construction of public improvements.

What happens to the HOA?

  • It is intended that the Authority will undertake the traditional HOA functions, such as design review and covenant enforcement services. As such, the declarant is exploring options to dissolve the HOA. Dissolution of the HOA is separate from the creation of the Authority, and it is not necessary to dissolve the HOA in order to create a functioning Authority. To the extent the declarant determines to dissolve the HOA, it is anticipated that the declarant will coordinate with the community throughout the HOA dissolution process.

Will the Authority impose additional taxes?

  • No, the Authority does not have the ability to impose taxes. The Authority may impose and collect fees to off-set its costs of operating and maintaining public improvements, and providing design review and covenant enforcement services. It is intended that the Brighton Crossings Authority will impose a fee structure generally similar to that currently imposed by District No. 4. If the Authority undertakes all operation and maintenance functions, District No. 4 would then be able to reduce or eliminate the operational fees it currently imposes. Individual districts also have the ability to pledge any of their revenues, including property taxes and fees, to the Authority to off-set the Authority’s operation and maintenance costs.

Metro Districts 101: What is a metropolitan district?
Special Districts in Colorado are local governments considered as political subdivisions of the state. The first two levels of government, of course, are the Federal and State governments. Local governments include counties, cities, school districts and other entities such as special districts which includes Metropolitan Districts. Municipalities and counties can be limited in the types of services they provide. Districts are created to fill gaps in these services. Single–purpose districts provide communities with ambulance, fire protection, water, sanitary sewer, health and park and recreation services, library, school, and arts. In addition to single purpose districts, there are metropolitan districts that can provide multiple services including public infrastructure, streets, water and sewer service, open space, parks, irrigation service, traffic and transportation related safety enhancement services.

How is the District Mill Levy Calculated? What is a District? 

Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District No. 4 and Brighton Crossing Metropolitan Districts Nos. 5-8 impose property taxes to construct and maintain certain public infrastructure for the Brighton Crossings development.

Learn more about the Districts and the property tax mill levy certified on your property here.

Still have questions? 

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