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Operations & Maintenance

Weekly Schedule

All routine contracted services are on schedule noted above.

Duplex MowingX
Courtyard MowingX    
Irrigation Checks  XX
Trash and Weed (Public Areas) X  
Dog Station ServicesXX
Snow Removal 
Snow Removal Scope – MAP 

Snow removal is divided into 2 types of services at Brighton Crossings.

Service #1:  Zero Tolerance Areas

  • Zero Tolerance Snow Removal.  *(Snow removal and Ice melt will be applied at any measurement of snowfall for these areas)
  • Zero Tolerance service occurs at all Brighton mailboxes, Venture Center entry area sidewalk, Fitness Center entry area sidewalk.

Service #2:  2” Threshold Snow Removal – Post Storm (Walkways, Courtyards, Duplex’s, and Parking Lots)

  • Snow removal will occur if there has been 2 or more inches of snow post storm. (Post Storm meaning once the snowfall has stopped)
  • We have 3 specific areas where we measure snowfall totals . (Venture Center, Fitness Center , and Royal Pine Park.) *These areas are measured post storm*
  • Once snow hits 2” at measured locations the snow removal team will perform service on walkways parking lots, courtyards, and duplex areas.
Project Updates 

Operations and Maintenance Updates October :

  • Operations Plan
    • Narrowing down timeline for winterization
      • Will be done by the end of the month while giving new plantings maximum support before winter
    • Upcoming annual flowers removal
      • Based on freezes and turning off water, unlikely to get specific date
    • Native mowing finished this week
  • Deviations from the Ops Plan
    • None scheduled
  • Known Issues
    • Several incidents of broken sprinklers causing puddles of standing water. Currently all the known ones have been repaired
  • Summary of Recent Work Tickets
    • Broken sprinklers in parks that have been repaired
    • Incorrect size dog bags did not fit inside dog station and were thrown all over the park. They were cleaned up and replaced with the correct size
    • Leak from the water fountain at the small dog side of the dog park. Have alerted the contractor to repair
  • Site Observations from Monday
    • Pickleball net was repaired, a broom was added to the storage area for cleaning the courts
    • Drip irrigation in median dislodged, to be repaired this week
    • Several trash cans had not been replaced properly. This has been fixed and we will continue to monitor

High Wind Debris Clean Up: Due to the recent high winds throughout the Front Range, we are working with our contractors for clean up the debris in our public open space areas and fence lines.

Crews will be out picking up debris during routine service scheduled on Mondays throughout the Brighton Crossing Metropolitan District, during the winter months. We also want to take this opportunity to remind our residents to secure all outdoor furnishings thus helping us create less litter.

Enhancement Committee Update: The Brighton Crossings Operations Board approved the Enhancement Committee’s proposal to install 5 additional pet waste stations along neighborhood trails and sidewalks, and four picnic tables. As locations of these enhancements are solidified a map will be attached to this post.


Dog Park Gates & Drainage: The dog park gates have been replaced with a lighter gate to mitigate reoccurring latch and hinge issues causing difficult to open and close gates.

The Brighton Crossings developer, Brookfield Residential, has completed a redesign of the open space drainage around the Dog Park to resolve water pooling in and around the Crossings Bark Dog Park.